Monday, April 12, 2010

"Welcome to Your New iPad"

Once the iPad finds iTunes, this welcome message comes up on iTunes (that is, on the desktop and not the iPad):

Let's Get Started:

1. Register Your iPad
2. Set up Your iTunes Store Account.


But you know I really just want to play.

But here we go: registering the iPad. Scanning the agreement quickly (does anyone actually read this?): looks like I can only have one iPad (?!?) and I need a youtube account (lots of youtube stuff here: why?).

Do I have an Apple ID? I don't think so. Click.

Fill in basic info (name/address, occ, age range). Write down the serial number, like I always do, on a sticky note destined to get lost within the week.

More agreements to read/agree to, re use of ITunes Store.

Oh, oops. Maybe I do have an Apple ID, since I do already shop at the iTunes Store.

Hmm. OK, when I filled in my Apple ID, it told me I already had an account, so hit Cancel and log in with my account. I hit cancel. Now I choose whether or not to "set up as a new iPad" or "restore from the backup of Kit's iPhone."

Decisions, decisions.

Did I mention that I really just want to play? This is taking too long.

OK, let's try "restore from the backup," even though this IS a new iPad. It tells me some of the setting aren't compatible with the iPad, which is fine by me, so I hit 'continue,' and on we go. Estimated time clicks up from 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 minutes and then back down to 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.... OK, I get it. It's going to take a little while to "restore iPad from backup."

Do your thing, iTunes.


  1. Meanwhile, on the iPad:

    "Restore in Progress" is written across a Pacific coast (?) sky full of falling stars.

    The upper left corner says 'iPad.' (do tell)

    The upper right corner notes that it's "not charging." I guess that's because it's fully charged: the little battery icon is filled in.

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  3. I've plugged it back into my desktop and it's saying 'sync in progress' on the iPad and showing an 'updating applications' box on the iTunes screen on my desktop. Woot! Now to just get the pesky Exchange mail thing figured out.