Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 2: Still Not Feeling It

Asked for tech support for the whole Exchange-email thing, and got it (go, CSSD tech support!!!). The trick is to use kit AT mail-dot-pitt-dot-edu instead of plain old kit AT pitt-dot-edu.

So now I can do work email on Padma, as well as yahoo/gmail.

But you know what? I probably won't.

I don't like that when you hit the Mail icon, you immediately go into an Inbox. I want to go to the Accounts page, as I do on the iPhone, and THEN choose which mail inbox I want to access. Maybe I can configure this in some way, but right now I have to back out of whatever Inbox I was in to get to the Accounts page and then move to the inbox I WANT to be in.

And I don't like that the Inbox is there in all its glory for anyone to see. Not that I have big secrets in my email, but I'm used to my email popping up on my desktop screen (which is in front of me, not the world) or my iPhone (which may be in front of the world but is small enough that no one could casually read it). It's not so much the 'secret' thing but the private/seemly thing. Flashing my email on the iPad screen in public = flashing my panties. No big secret that I wear panties, but who really wants to see them? And yet how can you not look?

It's a weird violation of social niceties.

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