Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 1 Immediate Wants

I want to be able to access my work email on this. Need to call the help desk.

I want a case I'm pretty sure. This surprises me. I don't want/use a case or anythign with my iPhone, but I can't figure out how I'm going to carry 'Padma' around. It seems vulnerable without a 'lid' and is too big for my pocket/purse. (OK, it would fit in my purse, but then it would just get scratched up by all the other stuff that lives in my purse.) Will I get used to carrying it around like a hot book and not worry about the screen cracking? But I'm already shopping for a case (and finding no glowing user reviews, which is interesting. Maybe it's intentionally designed to be non-case-friendly -- but why? To reinforce that we shouldn't baby it, just treat it like a big iPhone?)

I want to figure out why it isn't charging when it's connected to the desktop. Is it the connection or just that the charge is full?

I want to be able to configure the wallpaper. Doesn't seem to be an option. There's a set of wallpapers to choose from, but I don't see the option to use your own photo as the wallpaper. I'll explore -- maybe I just dont' see it.

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  1. So how am I progressing on these first 4 wants?

    1. Got the Exchange mail thing figured out. Turns out what I think of as 'my email address' is an abbreviation for my REAL email address.

    2. STruggling with this one. I've got to believe the Apple folks built this to be fine WITHOUT a case, that their design ethos and usability call for this to be caseless. So I'm trying that, but using an intercampus envelope as an informal case.

    3. While it continues to say "not charging," the charge has gone from 95% to 100% after being plugged in to the desktop PC, so I'm assuming the 'not charging' is shorthand for "I don't really NEED to be charged, thankyouverymuch."

    4. Looks like i can use one of my photos as wallpaper through the photo app, BUT my photos didn't transfer with the rest of the stuff from my iPhone. Hmm. How do I get photos to Padma?