Monday, April 12, 2010


OK, not having fun right now. I tried to set up my email accounts (work + yahoo). After realizing I needed to connect to a WiFi network before I'd make any progress, setting up the yahoo account was easy-peasy.

The Exchange email? Not so much.

In fact, I'm pretty frustrated. It seems to want a server address, and suggests So I gave it Nope. Just Nope.

Searched the Tech Support site, didn't see anything that looked like a server address you'd fill in on an iPhone/iPad.

How did I do this with the iPhone? Maybe Jordan did it for me?

Grrr. Well, I need to take a break.


OK, lied. Noticed (on desktop) that Apple had sent me a little note thanking me for being an iPad user. Unplugged the iPad from the desktop. Pushed the App Store icon and was immediately asked if I wanted to get the free iBooks app. Sure!

It knows my account username for iTunes, I plug in the password, the iTunes app is downloaded/uploaded. Whee!

FWIW: this app shows up on the second screen. If you weren't used to iGadgets, you might not realize that the first screen (the 'home screen') is still there.

But now, really, I have to stop. Time for an iBreak.

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  1. ARGH. Tried to find the name of an exchange server through the documentation online. There was this: But that doesn't work, either.

    I'm sending a request to the knights-to-the-rescue of the help desk.....