Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Further Aggravation

I love computers. I'm not afraid of computers. I kinda miss unix, but I loooove Apple products. My iPhone is the Best Gadget Ever.

But the iPad and I are not clicking. I took it home last night*, but couldn't get it connected to my wifi at home. It found the network, but kept giving me 'wrong password' error message when I tried to connect. Grrrr. I tried all kinds of different ways to write my password, thinking I'd forgotten a capital letter or had misspelled/mistyped. No dice. So maybe this is just me being an idiot about my password -- I'll find out tonight, when my son comes over with his iPhone and tries to connect to the network.

* I walked home, so the iPad was in an interoffice envelope and then inside my messenger bag. This worked out fine. It's not heavy, so lugging it in a messenger bag is not a big deal, and the interoffice envelope actually makes a very good case!

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