Friday, April 23, 2010


Applause where applause is due: the iPad is a very good video provider.

I was at a lecture this week and missed "Glee," so I bought the episode on iTunes & stored it on the iPad (where it can be found under Videos, not iTunes, just in case you're new to the whole i-world).

Watching "Glee" on the iPad is pretty wonderful, though maybe not as great as watching it on television -- what's missed is the shared experience, I guess. But I like knowing I've got the Madonna episode as a Glee-fix when needed!

I downloaded some yoga videos, too, and here the iPad beats the iPhone or the television. The screen is big enough to be able to see the instructor (an issue with the iPhone), and the device is so small that it can be moved from the bedroom dresser to floor to wherever you want to do tree pose or corpse pose or downward dog or....

Still no connection at home, though. I did connect to the UMPC guest wifi, so connection IS possible!

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