Monday, April 12, 2010


I'm in love.

That didn't take long.

But seriously. The box opens easily. And then there it is. The 'device.' Right now it's sitting on my desk right next to my iPhone and I want to take a picture (baby and mama), but my camera is my iPhone, so that won't work.

Unpacking the iPad (ick, hate the name) box is just like unpacking the iPhone box. There's not much here, and it's all clean-white and simple. Device (in antiseptic cling plastic); discretely packaged cheat sheet, information guide, and stickers; cable*; plug*.

No screencleaning cloth? Hmmm. They must assume you've got one already or that you won't use one anyway.

I would not normally read the information guide, and I won't do it this time, either, but -- as per usual -- will scan the first column in case there's some huge and non-intuitive no-no that's printed in huge block letters.

OK, nope. No huge block letters.

Plugging this puppy into my work machine..... It shows me -- visually -- that it's connecting to iTunes, or wanting to, but nothing's happening. Hmmm. Maybe because I used my own cable and not the one that came in the box?

Trying again, with its own cable.


OMG. It's gorgeous.

[Note: if you're not an iPhone user, would you know to push the little indent to make your screen alive? I can't remember if I had to learn to do that.)

*There are probably technical/correct names for these things, but the objects themselves are a nonthreatening cord and electrical plug, and their use is obvious.

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