Friday, May 28, 2010

The Screen

The beautiful thing about the iPad is its screen. The screen is the wow factor: oooh, pretty!

But the nasty-yuk thing about the iPad is also its screen: 'wow' quickly turns to 'ew.' (see this Wall Street Journal story for more).

I still think it was a strange cheap-out for Apple not to include a chamois with the iPad. The iPhone comes with one -- even a pair of glasses from LensCrafters comes with one!

On a related note: Tried baking scones with a recipe from a cookbook on my iPad. Great recipe, but having to refer to the ipad for it didn't work so well. The recipe didn't fit on one screen, so I had to touch the screen to move through the recipe -- and the screen would dim periodically, so I had to touch the screen if I wanted to glance at the recipe again. Ugh. My iPad screen was not pretty by the time the scones went into the oven.

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